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So Smart Ya Stupid an Urban Tale by J. Gail & El Wil

Shawn Karlson has a woman at home who loves and will ride for him -- but he still chooses to come home every morning at 7AM after running the streets and harasses her until he falls asleep!

Kay has a college degree and a great talent for art, but chooses instead to use all of her energy and time trying to set her fiance, Shawn, straight!

Tino loves his wife Elisha and his family dearly, but still chooses to risk his life on the dangerous streets of Philadelphia almost every night!

Cage has a beautiful girlfriend who used to model and holds him down, but still chooses to go treat his West Philly side chick to dinner at Red Lobster several times a week. Until...

Wilhemina aka Willie, chooses to stay stuck in Philly waiting for her cheating boyfriend Cage to make her an honest woman -- meanwhile her dreams of becoming a professional model are passing her by, day by day.

They're all So Smart til they're STUPID!

Will Shawn and crew be able to get it together? Or will they proudly don their dunce caps and sit in the corner as life kicks them in the tail? Find out in SO SMART YA STUPID by J. Gail & El Wil. Now available - 2012 new urban books release - books by african american authors. Get your copy today!

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A Bestseller in Urban Fiction...

If you think you can do somebody dirty and get away with it, just because you didn't get caught, you're dead wrong. All of that dirt comes back to you one way or another.

Tony Jackson learns this lesson the hard way. Labeled the 'asshole of West Philly,' Tony holds no shame in having other women in his girlfriend Quanisha's bed. There is little remorse after he knocks off a convenience store and beats the cashier with a gun. He'll rob from his girl, his friends, people he doesn't know and your mama. Whoever, he doesn't care. And we all know that when you get money wrong, you can't hold onto it for nothing! The question is when will Tony figure that out? Maybe when he starts getting his Karma instantly and mercilessly he'll get the hint.

In fact, when will Tony get the big picture? That there's no future in his game. Will a dose of 'Instant Karma' show him that not contributing to society in any positive way is guaranteed to get him a one way ticket to no where?

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your little brother, cousin or niece about this book. Tell someone you don't even like about this book. Maybe they didn't know that Karma's a Bitch.

This book might make you laugh, but don't laugh too hard. Karma's one persistent indiscriminate bitch that doesn't rest.

All Karma's ordered on this site will be personally autographed by the author.

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The Beginning...

He doesn't really need a gun -- his right hook is considered a deadly weapon, and it's quicker than a bullet. Cross him and your next stop will most likely be the emergency room. But what will Rich Wilkins do when a 120-pound woman has him weak in the knees?

Jacilyn Thomas is tough, but she's a good girl. Beautiful, but a little edgy. And she's a challenge -- she knows how to keep a man coming back for more. Despite her gift of feminine persuasion, she goes through endless dramas with the men in her life. Though she has a college education and is suburban born and raised, she still always finds herself dating the same type of men -- thugs and hustlers. She tries to stay positive, live her life to its fullest potential, and find her true love, but that's hard when her dating pool is full of men who are mostly killers, thieves, and block huggers.

Rich Wilkins is a drug dealer born and raised in the hardest streets of Philadelphia. When his mother bounced with her abusive boyfriend, he was charged with being the rock of his family. He's the type of brother who has the whole hood shook and on its toes, but will gladly bow down to the right woman. When he meets Jacy, he knows that he has found the one for him. But Jacy is not so sure...

Ladies, if you've ever longed for that brother who puts fear into the hearts of his foes, but treats you like a queen, you will find it right between these 'sheets.' Fellas, if you've ever wondered why some women are so in 'lust' with thugs and bad boys, you will find out exactly why when you read this book.

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The 2nd Part to the Thugs are for Fun trilogy -- Formerly Known as Thugs Ain't No Fun At All

Popi thinks it's a good idea to give Child Support Enforcement his new girlfriend Jacy's address. He also thinks showing up sloppy drunk at four in the morning is attractive and sexy. Jacy is starting to think she's met the wrong guy, but Popi is not about to leave her alone anytime soon. So how is she going to shake this trifling thug for good?

Jacilyn Thomas is getting older. She has been dating Popi, a man whose last name she doesn't even know, for nearly a half a year. She struggles to break free from this new thug because she knows deep in her heart he's no good, and definitely no fun. But he refuses to leave her alone. He shows up to her apartment unannounced, imprisons her in his car for a drunk joy ride, and even has his baby's momma showing up at Jacy's apartment! The unthinkable happens to Jacy in this tormented relationship. It's starting to look like Jacy is messing around with the wrong kind of thug. He is nothing like Rich Wilkins, her last love interest, who maintained a high level of integrity and respect during his short-lived relationship with Jacy. Right now, Rich's anger problem is looking like a breezy Sunday afternoon compared to the problems Jacy is experiencing with Popi.

Is Jacy starting to change her previous outlook on men - does she still believe that Thugs are for Fun? Or will she be forced to adopt a whole new credo?

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J. Gail's third and final chapter to the Thugs Are for Fun series.

We're heading back to the streets of West Philly in this 3rd and final installment of the Thugs are for Fun series. Rich, newly married to Jacy, has gone legit. Jacy has become wildly insecure about the way women -- professionals and hoodrats alike -- are vying for her man. They are shameless in their attempts to win Rich's heart, but as far as Rich is concerned Jacy has his heart locked up where nobody else will ever find it. Rich just laughs at other women who try to get his attention, especially his baby's mother LaTisha and the trashy, ever-persistent new arrival to the story, Yvonne.

When Jacy tells a TINY lie that Rich has a big problem with, he goes MIA for a few days to teach Jacy a lesson. But this absence might be just the ticket someone needs to get their grubby little hands on Jacy's man. A twisted series of events causes Jacy and Rich to grow even further apart until it seems that the marriage is beyond repair. A new character, Coot, helps bring Rich back to the dark side. Readers will be held on the edge of their seats as they grow closer to the conclusion. Any hardcore reader of J.Gail's novels knows that the endings are difficult to predict.

Find out now, once and for all, what will be the fate of Jacy and Rich, two of the most beloved characters in urban fiction.

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